Annamay Pierse

Annamay Pierse A former competitive swimmer from Edmonton, Annamay Pierse was a member of the Canadian Olympic team in 2008. Annamay had a deep love for the water, and racing, but where her real love lay, was with shoes, chocolate and a great bottle of wine. She can often be found on a Saturday afternoon indulging in all three of her vices; swimming for Canada was really just an elaborate way for her to fund her real desires. That being said she was a pretty good swimmer and still holds numerous Canadian Records, and the Commonwealth Record in 200 breaststroke. Annamay rose to international acclaim in 2009 when she broke 4 World Records. After retiring from swimming in 2012 she went on to graduate from the Second City Training program in 2013, her most favourite thing to do on stage is sing loud and proud for all to hear (even if she isn’t the best singer). @AnnersPierse