Home Sketch

Home Sketch is Highbräu’s new home for scripted comedy at the John Candy Box Theatre!

Featuring brand new sketches from Highbräu and guest acts from the Second City Training Centre and the Toronto sketch community at large, this new monthly show  begins December 13th at 7:30pm; check out the Facebook event for details.

Got Sketch?

Got a sketch troupe that’s itching for some stage time? Or a handful of your fellow Con classmates who want to test out some material? If you’re ready to tackle a 15 minute set, we want to hear from you!

Submit some samples of your material (either scripts or links to video, if you’ve got it) and a brief troupe bio to homesketch@highbraucomedy.com.

No troupe? No problem.

If you’ve got a killer script but no cast, we can help. We’ll pair your words with people who can say them out lout in front of other people (known in the industry as “actors”) to get them on their feet. Besides being hilarious, be sure to send us scripts that require no more than 4 performers, and can be performed on stage with minimal (read: “no”) costumes or props. Also, your sketch about a fire-juggling Sean Connery impersonator might be hard to cast, so maybe hold back on that one.

Send your sketches to homesketch@highbraucomedy.com